You can get your song professionally reviewed by me, a well-known music producer who’s done projects for some big time artists. We’ll look at every aspect of your song, and give you all kinds of feedback on how to make it better, so that you will become a better musician in the long run. Your song will be improved, guaranteed.

In just one session you will have a professional critique of your music. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone to make the most of your songwriting and recording process.



We have been preparing for this for a while, and I genuinely think that anyone who wants to participate has a fantastic opportunity.

Everyday, more than 50 individuals send me emails and direct messages asking me questions like, “DJFlippp I’d really appreciate feedback I want to get better,” and “What do you think about my new single?” The past year has seen this happening. I used to review, but it takes a lot of time, and I’m getting busy by the day.

To make reviewing music more useful for YOU and simpler for US to explain, we required a procedure. To help you develop as an artist, we had to devise a means for you to receive criticism and suggestions.


This form will be filled up and returned to you after we have reviewed your song, giving you not just one person’s perspective but also the opinions of two individuals. Regarding your beat selection, voice, flow, lyrics, and how you could and should improve them.

When we return this form, the folks we worked on it for are amazed because they can plainly read REAL honest input on what they are doing good and what we believe they are doing badly.


1. You receive your music review sheet, which can help you improve more quickly.

2. Imagine your music is suddenly 10 times better since you are fully aware of your mistakes and your strengths. Simply continue doing what you are already doing well and make the necessary corrections. Your music is guaranteed to improve after just 1 song evaluation. Just take a peek at our reviews.

3. What we do is make music! We’ve reviewed tens of thousands of songs, and I’ve written songs for well-known musicians and released multiple albums. Feedback on your music from friends and relatives is not professional feedback. I am completely aware of what is good and wrong. I hear it IMMEDIATELY! As one of the top reviewer in hip hop, I also know how to identify problems and how to repair them.

4. By assisting you with matters that will enable you to advance your career 10 times faster, we serve as both your manager and mentor at the same time.

5. If you are talented enough, you might appear on the 808KARTEL playlist and have tens of thousands of people hear you. The artists who were submitted for review are the hottest ones, chosen by hand. If we determine that you are qualified, we will automatically let you know. 

Why I stopped writing free reviews of songs

Let’s do some fundamental math now. If fifty people beg me to spend even a minute listening to their song, I just lost 25 minutes of my day.
Those are just the listening, that doesn’t even take into account the back and forth texting and the time I took to write out my thoughts and what they could do to improve. Over an hour each day, seven hours per week, and 28 hours per month are being discussed.
I spend more than a full day each month critiquing other people’s songs for free.


You will have an unbiased critique of your song that can help you improve as a musician. As a professional producer, I have over 15 years of experience in the music industry. I have worked with many different artists and bands, ranging from unsigned acts to platinum selling artists. My specialty is helping artists get their songs heard by labels and managers so that they can be signed to record contracts.

When you join our professional song review program, your music will immediately get better! You’ll receive a song review sheet with detailed informations so you can get better FAST. After just 1 song review your music is GUARANTEED to get better. This is what mentors do for their students. It’s time to take writing and performing your own songs to the next level!


"We've got a detailed review and worked with that along. That helped me building my quality to an another level. 🔥🔥🔥💯"



"I started doing my music and saw them playing only to my locals fellas. I needed more feedback to evolve my being as an artist. DjFlippp helped me out with that!!"



"Without an proper review I would never achieved my goals as an artists. I released my mixtape after that and it got me finally started in the music industry."



"As an artist, getting honest and constructive feedback on my music is crucial to my growth. This music review service has provided me with exactly that. The reviewers are knowledgeable and offer valuable insights that have helped me improve my craft."



"I've been using this music review service to get feedback on my latest album and it's been an invaluable resource. The reviews are well written and provide me with a fresh perspective on my own work."



"As a musician, having an objective and professional perspective on my work is essential. This music review service provides that, and the feedback I've received has been incredibly valuable in my growth as an artist."




1. Add the product on the right side in your cart. The quanity depends on how many songs you want to get reviewed on.

2. You will receive a confirmation email with an link to a form from our order system once everything is finished.

3. Fill out the form with the required informations. Please don’t forget to include your order number to verify your payment.

It’s that SIMPLE and QUICK.